StarCon has been building and renovating homes for over 26 years. Our attention to detail and constant communication with the owner, architect, and designer insure a beautiful finished product. We can provide complete design and architectural services, or we can we work with your designer and architect.

In addition to quality design and construction, there are many other aspects which can make your home special. StarCon has extensive experience in home automation, home theaters, whole-house music and lighting systems, alarm and surveillance systems, swimming pools, and backyard entertainment.

When designing any living space, attention to detail is key. The kitchen, for example, is often the hub for the family, and making it feel spacious and comfortable is important. There is a certain logic to the layout of kitchen appliances and work spaces. Our expertise in designing kitchens which have proper flow and accessible useful storage makes our kitchens not only beautiful, but functional.  Balancing design and functionality into all of the spaces in a home can be challenging, but it is the key to creating a home that is not only beautiful, but one that you can fully enjoy.

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