When building a new home or completely reconstructing an existing home, there are many things to consider and plan for.  The “flow” of the home is essential and the functionality of each space is just as important as the design aesthetic. There is always a fine line between form and function and that is where planning is key.  Keeping the designs beautiful and unique while also making them functional and long lasting.

Home automation is a must in today’s homes.  Having one hub to control everything makes for an efficient home that is easy to use.  These items include lighting, music, temperature, window coverings, security cameras, alarm system, and even the pool and spa.  All systems are controlled from an app on your phone, TV, tablet, computer, small dedicated LCD screens throughout the house, or even your voice.

Bringing the interior to the exterior is a great way to extend the living space of your home.  Multi-slide glass doors that disappear into hidden pockets is one way to accomplish this, although there are many.  Keeping the flooring consistent from interior to exterior, having a covered roof extending from the home, and then adding an outdoor fireplace adds to the warmth and allows for year-round living outside.  Outdoor kitchens are a plus as well and adds to the functionality of the outdoor living space.

Home theaters are also a fun addition to any home.  They can either be a dedicated theater, or the family room can transform into movie night with the press of a button.  We offer equipment design and theater design services.

The little details are also important to us.  We take the time to make sure that when installing items such as switches, electrical outlets, in-ceiling speakers, lighting, HVAC venting, and even fire sprinkler heads, that every one of them has a reason for its placement.  Everything has to line up with something.  These little details count!

Take a look below at some of our recent ground up projects as well as gutting-to-the-studs projects.  Make sure you pay attention to the details!

Construction Portolio

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