Steve and Roberta Wax

Dear Steve,

Well, Steve had a wonderful Thanksgiving, cooking up a storm in our new kitchen!
We just love it!

Remodeling can be quite a strain, but you and your crew helped make the process a bit easier. They were great at their jobs, consummate professionals, always cleaned up nicely after themselves, and were so pleasant to have around. Even my dogs liked them!

Were there problems? Sure, aren’t there always? But when we called, you answered, and problems were fixed. (I know we’re pretty easy to work with, but if everyone just goes into a remodeling job with the right attitude, life is so much easier!)

Anyway, we are thrilled with the final product and are ready to move on …. To the rest of the house!!

So have a wonderful holiday, and expect to hear from us after the new year. We’re ready to tackle the family room, patio and bathroom.


Roberta & Steve