John Mullin
Westlake Village, CA

Dear Steve:

This past weekend, as we were enjoying our home, it suddenly struck me that I have never formally thanked you, and your superb team for the exquisite work you did for us. What started life as a fairly modest tract house is now a beautiful custom home boasting features rarely found in even the most exclusive neighborhoods. Indeed, many of our friends who do live in such areas regularly, and honestly exclaim how welcoming, and well done, our abode is; and this two years after the last nail was driven home!

As you know, Kathy and I travel extensively throughout Europe on a very regular basis. When we do, we believe in treating ourselves to the finer hotels as our business back home often requires extended travel to areas where such amenities simply do not exist. The other day while shaving, I glanced over to the Jacuzzi tub you installed and, frankly, marveled at the precise, and careful, tile work, the marvelous woodworking accents, and the genuinely unique overall design that you undertook to create a small piece of heaven right in our home. It was, to be certain, as though I had just walked into a suite at the Grand Hotel in Rome.

So, my friend, please feel free to use us as a reference for any potential client. I would be proud to show off your handy-work, and ready to assure anyone who asked of your attention to detail, timely delivery, prudent expenditure of funds and, most importantly, honesty.


John B. Mullin