Jeff Chertow
Managing Partner/Pinnacle Estate Properties

Malibu, CA

StarCon has built and renovated several homes that I have personally seen in the Malibu area. Two of their most recent ground-up projects, one in the Colony and one on Malibu Road, are stunning. The attention to detail and the fit and finish are top quality. Being a realtor in Malibu for over 30 years, I’ve seen the majority of homes here, and these two are among the most beautiful.

Over the years, I have referred StarCon and the president, Steve Margolis, many times. Each time I do so, I receive positive feedback about his performance and the ease of which he makes people feel during the construction process. I have never received any negative feedback out him or his company.

I highly recommend StarCon for any building needs. From new homes, to small projects, he always seems to get it right and keep his clients happy.



Jeff Chertow